Technical Info

Documents included in this section are destinated to  give us information about your shipment. Please send the forms in the same format.

We make free estimates

10 important tips

  1. Contact us as soon as possible – Do not leave this topic at the last minute – Anticipation allows you to solve o  reliminate problems and reduce costs
  2. Start contact using Estimated data. This will save time and helps to define many aspects.
  3. In the description of the merchandise do not forget to include: brand, model, serial number, country of origin (country of manufacture)
  4. Temporary and permanent products must be sentse parately (physically and documentary)
  5. Please note that all shipments, both temporary and permanent, require a PREVIOUS Customs authorization.
  6. Do not ship before receive our OK orgreen light
  7. We strongly recommend NOT to use Courier services
  8. Do not include in your shipment merchandise that is not included and declared in the Invoice and PackingList
  9. In a temporary shipment everything that enter smust return and nothing additional can be added.
  10. Take note about deadlines when organizing your shipment